Merci Paris

 My Paris trip a couple weeks back was a dream come true!  I had not been back since I went with Michael 10 years ago.  I have been dying to go back ever since.  I still can't believe two moms with a total of 7 kids altogether figured out a way to escape to Paris for five full days.  Sara and I had two must haves for our trip see lots of art and eat a croissant every day! I am happy to say we accomplished both.  The beautiful images in this journal are by my dear friend Sara.  

 One of the most amazing parts of my trip was shooting my Spring/Summer collection at the beautiful Jardin les Tuileries. How could I travel all the way to Paris with an amazing photographer by my side and not have a photoshoot?!

It felt like a dream shooting my collection at Jardin les Tuileries.

 Paris is one of those cities for me that I can't get enough of.  Every time that I go I leave more intrigued with the city of lights then I was when I first got there.


I wanted to cry after I saw all of the film images Sara sent from our Paris trip.  It brought back all of the wonderful emotions and inspirations I felt while in Paris.

So for that reason I say Merci Paris!




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