About us



About the Brand

Damaris Bailey is a feminine, romantic and modern clothing line thoughtfully designed for the modern woman. Our quality pieces are responsibly manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We believe that true empowerment lies in elevating all who are connected to our brand, from the intention of the design to the woman who wears it.


About the Designer

With a degree in Art History from UCLA and a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, Damaris is passionate about designing clothes that combine past and current trends for today’s aspiring, modern woman. 

Damaris fell in love with and married her high school sweetheart, Michael. They are raising their three girls–Valentina, Luciana and Rose–in Los Angeles, their hometown.

After Luciana was born with a genetic abnormality, the reality of life’s risks felt overpowering. The birth of Rose, their third daughter, ushered in an era of optimism, courage and urgency for her. She felt convicted to stop allowing fear to dictate the rules. That’s when she created this company and began designing the clothes she long been dreaming of.